A. Anderson Jewelers has both new and estate jewelry. We have handmade pieces by Rees available in-store or we can create one for you, using your imagination & creativity to make the piece as one-of-a-kind as you. We have a large assortment of new diamond jewelry, colored gem jewelry, and engagement rings. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for let us know, and we can help!


It is important to have your treasured jewelry be looked at by a goldsmith every 6-12 months. This will ensure your jewelry will stay in good condition. At A. Anderson Jewelers, we will check and clean all of your jewelry for free. If anything needs attention, we will show you using high magnification and will provide a firm accurate quote if repair is needed.


At A. Anderson Jewelers your jewelry dreams become a reality. The pieces we make are individually unique and reflect your personality. We can design and create any type of jewelry; wedding rings, engagement rings, bands, gemstone rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets & more! We can even create jewelry using our customers’ existing heirloom stones.


At A. Anderson Jewelers, we have two options for designing your custom piece. One option is wax casting. This is a process where Rees will design your piece from wax, carved by hand, and then converts it into your choice of sterling silver, gold or platinum. The second option is to have it created by CAD service at no cost to you and can be manipulated much easier.


One of our specialties at A. Anderson Jewelers is handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Whether you want to start from scratch by selecting new gemstones and metals, or you have your own heirloom pieces you’re looking to transform into something new, we can do it all!

Estimates will be based on materials used (all new gemstones & metal or recycled pieces), scale of how much metal is needed to complete the design, and overall intricacy on the design of the piece.

With our custom designs, we offer two options; wax casting and CAD service. Wax casting is more labor intensive in that Rees will design your piece from wax and convert it into a precious metal. The other option is having the piece created through CAD at no cost and can be manipulated much quicker, allowing a smaller time frame from start to finish.



Rees was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. While growing up he achieved and earned his Eagle Scout. After graduating from McDonell High School, he made the courageous decision to join the Navy. During his service, he was a firefighter and rescue swimmer and in 2000 earned Junior Sailor of the Year.

After the Navy, Rees met his wife Julie while in college at Winona. It was around this time that he also began his goldsmithing career which blossomed into what you now see today.

Rees & Julie have two wonderful children; Avory Marilyn and Anfin Gustaf. In 2011 after Anfin was born they opened A. Anderson Jewelers and have never looked back!

It is our hope that one that one day our children will want to carry on the A. Anderson Jeweler name and take over the family business. Until then, we will enjoy our family time hunting, camping, traveling & partaking in many other outdoor activities!

Please feel free to stop in and see us and let our family take care of yours!


We have a wide range of custom pieces along with our ever changing retail pieces in store. Check out the full portfolio or stop in to our store today to check out the retail pieces we have in stock!